Animal Resource Management

A customizable and cost-effective software solution for tracking care and managing animals, promoting (IACUC, CCAC, IBC, USDA) compliance in USA and Canada.


Ensures Accreditation (AAALAC)

by promoting the humane care and treatment of animals.

Cost Effective

through ARM's module system, alerts, and financial reports.


by minimizing data entry and quick searches, etc.

User Friendly

with intuitive menus, autofill inputs, drop downs, etc.

Promotes Compliance (IACUC, CCAC, IBC, USDA)

by enforcing protocols.


to add on services and connect with other computer system(s).


by running quickly and smoothly, utilizing a powerful database.

Customer Support

for help on improving workflow, troubleshooting, and questions.

ARM Modules

From receiving feedback, our team has put together core modules and add-on modules to suit your needs, and make sure your institution stays in compliance.

Core Modules
Add On


“Our research animal facility has been using ARM for many years. It has been a powerful tool for us in providing care to the animals as well as support to the scientific investigators.”
St. Boniface from Canada is ARM's customer.
St. Boniface Research Center
“ARM has proved useful in keeping track of expiration dates and animal orders for our Protocols. Also, calculating Animal Per Diems / Investigator / Protocol helps our Investigators track their spending.”
The VA Medical Center is ARM's customer.
VA Medical Center
"For over 20 years and still going strong, we have received amazing customer service and support! The program helps problem solve and create solutions. The program delivers all we need and more!"
University of Wisconsin is ARM's customer.
UW Madison School of Veterinary Medicine
“For the past 15 years, ARM has been an instrumental tool in organizing our animal orders and protocol records, a great aide to us in staying compliance with IACUC, and a tremendous advantage for us during our OLAW inspection. The software is really user friendly and the fact that we have been using our software for so long is a good indication of how well the software functions. The staff at ARM are always so friendly, experienced, and eager to help. I would highly recommend the ARM software system for anyone that works in the animal research field and is searching for solutions to keep their records organized and archived safely.”
Neurocrine Biosciences is ARM's customer.
Neurocrine Biosciences
Ramon Zamora


Our competitive pricing is listed here for your institution’s needs.

Core Modules

Initial Package

(1st Year Only)

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Annual Support

(After the 1st Year)


Add On



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Veterinary Care


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Pricing is subject to change annually. Estimated pricing includes support but not Servoy pricing.

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St. Boniface from Canada is ARM's customer.
Scripps Research is ARM's customer.
Neurocrine Biosciences is ARM's customer.
The University of Southern California is ARM's customer.
Oregon State University is ARM's customer.
The Department of Veteran's Affairs is ARM's customer.